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IT Engineering


What Sets OBXtek Apart

OBXtek utilizes a forward thinking full lifecycle approach founded on strategy, assessment, architecture, deployment and maintenance to provide our clients with solutions that avoid vendor lock-in and siloed systems and promote modern, decoupled yet fully integrated secure systems. We view our clients as partners with similar goals; to offer cutting edge future proof solutions to provide flexibility while delivering cost savings, improved performance, increased stability and impenetrable security.

Our People

OBXtek’s EITSM professionals accurately scope, design, implement and manage IT, allowing our customers to focus on their mission. We deeply understand the federal regulations, security constraints and vital mission needs of our U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)/federal civilian customers.

Our Reputation

OBXtek offers future-proof solutions that provide flexible cost savings, improved performance, increased stability, and impenetrable security.

Our Expertise

Critical Systems Engineering and Operations

OBXtek maintains the performance, high availability, security and efficiency of the critical infrastructures that DoD and Federal Civilian agencies rely on.  We provide support for all phases of the engineering system life cycle, which includes requirements engineering, hardware/software and COTS/GOTS integration, Systems Engineering Project Management, and logistical trade analysis comprised of holistic capabilities to manage end-to-end service operations.

Network Engineering

The government's need to for robust, high-capacity network infrastructure has become critical, driven by the convergence of complex network technologies such as Voice-over-IP, Device Mobility, BYOD, Virtualization, and Hybrid Cloud. This has been further accentuated with higher bandwidth consumptions and security concerns. OBXtek offers network integration services from consulting, design, and build-to-operate, and maintenance of enterprise networks. Our experts support dedicated networks, IP VPN, and wide area ethernet.


Network Security

Network Security is paramount for our customers, both for Government and Civilian agencies. Network centric security is an important component of our defensive engineering expertise where we employ proactive techniques to identify unusual network activities, and terminate exposure quickly to any potential breaches.

OBXtek can help your organization implement a comprehensive security strategy that integrates security principles, policies, procedures, processes, and controls.

Data Center Services

Even as some Government agencies plan for the cloud, the reality is that Data Centers will remain a necessity for many deployment situations. Data Centers are one of the most expensive infrastructure investments that our customers can make, and we at OBXtek can help you cut costs while ensuring business continuity. Our services include Data Center assesment, rationalization, virtualization, consolidation, tuning of servers, applications, and data centers, disaster recovery, and elimination of waste, redundancy, and underutilization. We can help plan and implement the overhaul of your Data Center, simplifying operations, ensuring the availability and reliability of servers and devices, and reduces resources, energy, and facility costs.

Remote Infrastructure Management

We offer comprehensive 24x7 Remote Infrastructure Management services, including monitoring and management of the infrastructure in support of your mission-critical business applications. Our toolkit consists of cost-effective technologies, industry standard processes, and access to strategic niche partners.

Hosting and Systems Administration

OBXtek offers support for a range of application hosting solutions and SLAs to fit your organization’s operational needs and budget requirements. Our Systems Administration experts can take ownership of managing your business applications leaving you to focus more on strategic initiatives. Driven by a focus on functionality our hosting services can help optimize costs, efficiency, and reliability without impacting the access and use of your applications by their end users. We have experience managing various PaaS and SaaS solutions for the government, prominently centered around Microsoft-stack, Oracle-stack, IBM-stack, and Linux & Microsoft operating systems. We can even help you migrate from Legacy Mainframes and COBOL to contemporary platforms and languages. 

Server room

OBXtek was engaged by the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Global Combat Support Systems – Joint to manage lab operations and information assurance for the operational systems.

The Global Combat Support System – Joint (GCSS-J) provides warfighters with a single, end-to-end capability to manage and monitor personnel and equipment through the mobilization process. As such, the GCSS-J, the Logistics System of Record, provides a Logistics Common Operational Picture (LogCOP) that ensures the right personnel, equipment, supplies, and support are in the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantities across the full spectrum of military operations.

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